Humor: RoadSpring / There is no Dick / No Worries

Art by Dan / Writing

All three were written on March 26, 2009.

From an email to Michael on that date: “I have attached humor I penned recently. I especially like the ‘No Worries’ – the source of inspiration for it being an actual retirement ad I spied in todays paper.”


Dead, black eyes stare up at me.

Springtime and road kill

Seasonal commute.

There is No Dick

There is no Dick!

The man we have thought Dick Morris

Whom everybody called Les

is his cousin,  George Morris, of Nova Scotia

who, it seems, always resembled Dick

but was a little shorter.

Dick Morris died of yellow fever thirteen years ago

In Cuba.

No Worries

I won’t worry about my retirement today.

Or tomorrow.

As a matter of fact…I rarely worry about anything!

Worrying is a thing of the past and there is no past

Since moving to La Memorabilia Glen

I enjoy a healthy lifestyle in beautiful surroundings

With impeccable services, fine dining and

Entertaining social activities

I have peace of mind knowing that my future

Is protected with Twelve-Star* on-site memory support.

Every day is the first day of a wonderful retirement here –

In La Memorabilia Glen –

Worry? Not me! My future is secure and yours can be too!

What are you waiting for? Call today toll-free at

888-834-1774 and learn how to live worry-free at

La Memorabilia Glen.

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