About Resinartist (Dan Filtz)

Resinartist is a site dedicated to the memory of Dan “Danny” Filtz, artist and all-around good guy, who passed away in 2016.

Dan was my father, and his creativity and passion for art profoundly impacted me and helped shape my worldview.

After learning how to create art with resin, my father adopted “Resinartist” as sort of a nom d’art, and used the website resinartist.com to host, over the years, a variety of art, for his friends and family to browse.

A snapshot of resinartist.com in 2011

But of course, he dabbled in more than just resin – he painted, drew, wrote, sculpted, and even worked with neon. His passion for art knew no bounds, and his work would appear, as if by magic, on everything from an old milk bottle to sketch pads and even to full-on murals. In idle moments, he was always creating something, on whatever surface or substance he could get his hands on.

I miss my father, deeply. His absence has left a still unfathomable hole in my world. But fortunately, he’s left an amazing array of art and other works, and I’ll be doing my best to put it all up on this site.



Michael Filtz