Writing: The Aquatic Adventures of Zig-fried and Roi , “All You Need is Porpoise”

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After taking a trip to Las Vegas, my dad penned this and sent it to me on October 30, 2009. Attached, two days later in the same email chain, was a ‘remix’ of a photo I had taken in Berlin. Unrelated? Maybe, maybe not. You could never tell.

The Aquatic Adventures of Zig-fried and Roi ,  “All You Need is Porpoise”

Socially Acceptable Retirements moved aimlessly across the polished granite flooring of the Mirage Hotel oftentimes bumbling into random acts of gambling.  It was the Vegas drive-away…6 hours and 58 years of bleak, mind-numbing scenery traded for some brightly colored lights.

I dreamed about trying to hide an unregistered police cruiser that I really did not want to deal with.  It was the classic case of a crate full of wet dynamite and self-inflicted curse cast by my own hand.  I tried to park the police car in various obscure locations hoping that I wouldn’t be noticed.  My last dream-state and it is a paranoid police-state with nowhere left to park…oh well.

It was a Las Vegas drive-away ending in a dream about unregistered, privately owned, police cruisers and airblown Jack-in the-boxes.  Must be time to get back up out of that cozy-hole and bat another boogey-man into ‘living in oblivion’.

I could tell the trip was coming to an abrupt halt when I suddenly stirred to a semi-conscious state of recognition – unfortunately realizing I had awoken in my parents ‘Howard Johnson’ dying-room décor (beige-silhouetted, grey/pink and flat-white painted bamboo furniture).  My father was there is his plaid-upholstered recliner clutching his handy-matic chair recliner-switch talking about the good old YMCA days in Chicago.

I had voluntarily come to this place straight from the Love fest in Vegas Minor.  I was struggling with the difficulty of Mirage/Howard-Johnson Gravity Transition (M.H.J.G.T.ism) while still attempting to appear interested.

Another dream that had a great deal of cleanup involved in the simple act of human waste analysis more than confirmed the ultimate truth of the situation…all you need is LOVE (Long Overdue and Very Emotional).


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