W is for Well

Art by Dan / Photo / Writing

Originally published by Dan Filtz, February 2008

It was a dream of becoming well again. I awoke from a dream but was not awake. I had been sweating and the blanket was damp. The cool breeze from the overhead fan made the edges of the comforter cold. Dreams were piled into my mind scattered about haphazardly but also rich in details. I did not want to become fully awake but rather lie very still and stay in this half-way state between dreams and consciousness. I could detect a tiny glimmer of a light that was illuminated in the darkness. It looked like a small, silvery ear, far away, tucked into a black, velvet box. It seemed to float in mid air.

The dreams were fluid and started as a day at the beach. In the sky, overhead was a large bird that was gliding on the currents of a soft Spring-like day. The bird’s wing was fully extended and appeared to be like a wave curling into the shoreline. The color of the wing was turquoise and transparent. As I watched the bird-like image transformed into a aerial acrobat. Then the figure transformed again into a surfer that appeared to be gliding along on a wave of clouds and currents of wind. I could not differentiate the ocean from the sky above. It all seemed to be part of the same medium. Wave upon wave fell through the atmosphere, spiraling across the horizon in elegant and beautiful shades of tranquility.

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  1. beautiful artwork.. Your dad was an amazing person, very talented and humble.. It was an honor to know him even for a short time..

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