Underwater videos: Seals, rays, and cormorants

Art by Dan / Video

My dad always had an appreciation for all things aquatic. Always at the beach, or on his boat, or, in the later years, snorkeling at La Jolla Cove. At the Cove, he’d swim with the seals, taking video and images with his underwater camera. I always loved when he sent me new videos, because I could get a glimpse of this personal world of his, under the surface. And while some take video and then never watch  it again, he would apparently re-visit his footage quite a bit.

In 2012, he wrote this:

i know it seems like i’m a bit obsessed with the seal deal but what can i say. it’s a whole lot better than most peoples obesssions but not as interesting as some. it gets me by. i’ve watched it many times myself and each time i find things i hadn’t noticed before.”

Here are a few glimpses into the time he spent underwater.

By the way, these videos and others can be found on Dan’s Youtube channel.

Seal day at the cove (2012)

Snorkel day at Catalina (2012) – with guitar!

Sealvision (2012)

Summer seals (2012)

Pupping season (2013)

Diddly fish bo (2013)

Paul’s big adventure (2013)

Seal cave (2013)

5 minutes in the life of a cormorant (2013)

Sealantics (2013)

Sealbites (2013)

October leaves (2013)

Slow down seals (2013)

December bubbles (2013)

Spring 2014

Ray day at the cove (2014)



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