Painting: Man of the Future (MOTF)

Man of the Future: “Just┬áput your number in and see what goes up in smoke”


A note from Dan (taken from an email to Michael on January 4, 2008:

The original painting/collage was worked out on a page of my diary. I ended up flipping the image horizontally in PS (note that all the text graphic in the picture is reversed including my picture signature) and adding image of Monsanto Corporation ‘house of the future’ (existed for real, at one time, in Disneyland). The backdrop of star-filled sky was taken from Hubble website wallpaper picture. I am beginning to think of the image as a moving target that will adapt and change over time. People will begin to wonder “what the MOTF is”. I’ll say “just put your number in and see what goes up in smoke”.

MOTF happens to also be part of another project I am currently calling “AtoZ”. It is basically a collection of 26 pages (converted to HTML for easy access). Each page is a brief dialog in text plus an accompanying graphic that hopefully plays well with the text. The project started as a form of personal therapy that I started using to simplify some internal complexities I have encountered as I move through life. The overall theme is “A is for Angst”, “B is for Bowl”, “Z is for Zebra”, “D is for Daniel”, …etc. The page titles can change, or not, depending on how long-lived the material is and how strong of an idea the page represents. I figure there will be only 26 eventually, completed pages so it won’t take foerever to complete. When I have a reasonable number of ‘surviving’ pages I will put them up on the web have access on a selected basis (i.e. I’ll have to tell people the directory location).

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